Under Fridge

He had spoken too much,
or was it too little,
of how difficult his life was
after we lost her –
how my detachment from reality
had driven him away.
I told him again,
and again and again –
‘Honey, don’t be silly,
dinner will be ready soon
and you must dress for company.’
But he would not listen –
he picked up his bag,
told me he would see me in another life
and then made for the door.

Now his glazed brown eyes
only see the underside of the fridge,
and my apple pie is ruined.
Maybe I should give the kitchen
another quick once-over
before our guests arrive.
I wouldn’t want them to think
we live in squalor,
like the Howards do
across the street
with their three children.

© 2016, Gavin Zanker.

Photo by Gavin Zanker licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.



      1. My inner editor does this for a living. ;-) Probably my biggest challenge as a writer is shutting my internal editor up till I start revising and rewriting. There’s something about headings, titles, and anything in large type that makes typos harder to catch. I don’t know why, but there it is.

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