Ebook Pricing Strategies


Tying in to my last post on considerations when pricing your book, here’s some more information I found on ebook pricing strategies. It’s a bit clickbait-y, but there is some practical advice in there if you’re planning to publish on Amazon.

One of the points mentions fluctuating the price of your book every few days to find which price point works best for you. That seems like a really bad idea to me. There are way too many variables to gain any reliable information from experimenting over such a short time frame, and if someone buys your book and you reduce the price the next day then chances are you’ll have destroyed any trust and goodwill you created with that reader.

I also came across this article which argues the benefits of giving your ebooks away for free, and how it can positively influence your sales rank. It makes the solid point that someone downloading your ebook for free doesn’t equate to a lost sale like you might expect (something gaming industry publishers really should have learned by now, yet they still keep stubbornly filling their games with draconian drm to ‘prevent lost sales due to piracy’).

Anyway, both articles are worth a quick read if you’re looking in to self publishing. If you’re interested in delving a bit deeper in to this stuff, then check out the kboards Writer’s Cafe which has a ton of posts about marketing on Kindle. Who would have thought being a writer would involve learning so much marketing theory?

Photo by Kevin Dooley licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.


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