Everything Wrong With Pixar’s Finding Dory


I watched Finding Dory a while ago, and maybe my expectations were too high because Pixar are usually so fantastic in their storytelling, but I came away feeling frustrated and annoyed at what I had just sat through. It felt tedious and unbelievable, was riddled with plot holes, and rehashed so many ideas from the first film that you need to squint to call it a sequel. In short, there was just none of that spark or originality that made Pixar’s storytelling so famous (something I was even praising a few weeks ago).

I’m trying harder not to be negative about the content I consume these days, because I know someone went to a great amount of effort in creating it and that automatically deserves some respect. But Finding Dory left enough of a bad taste in my mouth to have no problem sharing this entertaining video from CinemaSins which details everything wrong with the film in 16 minutes or less. Enjoy.

Photo by Josh Hallett licensed under CC BY 2.0.


One comment

  1. I have yet to give this movie a watch but it sucks to see it didn’t live up to the expectations. It’s unfortunate because Pixar knows how to tell a story…when it wants to (*ahem* Cars 2 *ahem*).


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